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Government Policies are Making Us Sick

Government Policies are Making Us Sick

Around 1980 the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture), U.S. Public Health Service and eventually the FDA started a government campaign to limit dietary fat and cholesterol from the typical American diet. Their mantra was to limit red meat, saturated fats, eggs, bacon, heavy cream, and animal fats in general, and to encourage people to eat vegetable oils, margarines, soy products, grains, and skim milk products that include non-fat and low-fat dairy products. They gave us the American Food Pyramid with the bottom of the pyramid loaded with grains and cereals and the top of the pyramid with minimal animal products and fats. At this time in American dietary history, genetically modified grains and the high fructose corn grains became profitable for corporate food giants.

The 30-year experiment has given us a giant fast food industry that centers around highly processed, fried, sodium and sugar laden dead food. Gluten intolerance, increases in blood sugar, abdominal obesity, has added to the increases in health care costs. It is no accident that diabetes costs us over $200 billion per year and that “big pharma” is promoting drugs to solve our dietary dilemma (diabetic drugs and statins). It is no accident that the pharmaceutical lobby is one of the largest in Washington D.C.!

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