Nutritional Support for Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Antibiotics may not cure Lyme Disease. In fact many cases of lyme disease (LD) become chronic in nature because of several reasons. These include the immune defense of the patient, co-infections associated with LD and many other clinical variables such as the age, general constitutional health of the patient, frequent misdiagnosis, and ineffective long term drug therapy that does not cure the patient.

Nutritional support at any stage of the LD process is imperative. We offer an individualized approach as an adjunct to existing medical protocols. Drug therapy and nutritional intervention can, under the correct conditions, work to help LD patients become asymptomatic. Our approach is comprehensive in nature. Supplements, herbal tinctures, homeopathic supplements, dietary counseling, life style changes, are all needed to support the healing process for LD patients. Because we are licensed in New York State as certified nutritionists, we also accept referrals from medical doctors and other licensed health care providers.

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