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Why Is The Immunity Tied Into The Gastrointestinal System?

The gastrointestinal tract has a profound impact on general health and immunity.  The GI tract or gut isn’t just for digestion, absorption and  elimination.  70% of the body’s lymphocytes come from the GI tract.  This has a major impact on the body’s central nervous system, the ability to fight disease, and on brain health.  The gut is a factory for producing helpful good bacteria (approximately 400 strains of different bacteria between our mouth and anus).  Conversely, some dangerous bacteria and toxins like H. Pylori and neurotoxins like ammonia also are synthesized in the intestinal tract. Please note that not all strains of H. Pylori are dangerous.

When the small intestine has micro holes (leaky gut) in its walls, toxins and food allergens can pass into systemic circulation and cause immune suppression, systemic inflammation, increased risk of insulin resistance and excessive fat storage.  This will cause a weakened state of health.  Leaky gut will also increase the incidence of food sensitivities and food intolerances.  Nutritional supplementation, probiotics, dietary analysis and restriction, as well as the removal of gut pathogens, endocrine support, and mental health support may be needed to restore proper gut health.

The nature and quality of fat, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, water quality, and levels of stress all will impact the risk of developing some kind of inflammatory bowel disorder.

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