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What’s The Difference Between Live Food And Dead Food? How Can Eating More Of One Type Of Food Category Impact My Health?

Live Food vs Dead, Highly Processed Food 

The concept of live food and dead highly processed food is critical to one’s health.  All calories are not created equal.  All foods impact our metabolism and general health differently.  You can be malnourished eating 2000 calories/day and no one diet is universally accepted by all cultures.  Organic is better than non-organic, local fresh is better than store bought old, unprocessed is better than processed (pre-cooked, frozen, canned.)  An example of a live food is a fresh organic apple in season eaten with the skin.  A dead food might be apple sauce or apple juice in a juice box, can or jar.  You can use this example as a concept that applies to all food.  So-called organic milk may be hormone free, but is still ultra-pasterurized and ultra-homogenized as the shelf life can be in excess of six weeks.  This type of milk is a sterilized dead food compared to minimally pasteurized, non homogenized milk which is better to consume.  Local dairies in the Hudson Valley I recommend are Hudson Valley Fresh, Ronnybrook Farms, and Hawthorne Valley Farms.  Raw milk is safe and ideal to consume. Raw milk cannot be purchased in New York State unless you belong to a food club.  It can be legally purchased in Connecticut and other states in the northeast.

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